The Amore Earrings are asymmetrical stud earrings fashioned from a series of textural 18k gold vermeil hearts that cascade from the ears in a cheerful dance.Taking its name from the Italian word for 'love', these dangle earrings celebrate all forms of love – self-love, romantic love, and platonic love. The heart-shaped links of the Amore Earrings speak to connection, coming together in a playful nexus that implies life is more enjoyable when shared.

Drop - 35mm

Meaning & Gemstone Properties

The heart has been universally treasured as a symbol of love and connection for millennia. Recognizing that love has many dimensions, the Ancient Greeks classified four different types: Eros, representing fiery passion; Philia, for deep friendship; Storge, a love for family; and Agape, the selfless, spiritual devotion that transcends all boundaries.

Product Care

To maintain the lustre of your 18K gold vermeil jewellery, rinse in cold water and gently pat dry with a soft 100% lint-free cotton or microfibre cloth. Avoid drying with tissue or paper towels as this will scratch the gold.