Atlanta was a famous Greek huntress and an exceptional athlete. She was a favourite of the goddess, Artemis, because of her survival instinct, impressive skills, courage, and noble character. This heroine was abandoned upon birth by her father and was raised by hunters who taught her the strength and grace that she became so famous for.

The Atlanta Necklace, in cross-brushed 18K Gold Vermeil, features a round pendant embossed with a bow and arrow pointing upwards representing Atlanta’s courage and self-growth. Three alluring Black Sapphires underpin this necklace imparting protection, grounding and self-confidence upon the wearer.

Stone Properties

Black Sapphire is a protective stone that inspires confidence in one’s intuition. Its grounding properties help us maintain a centre of calm even during stressful situations. Not only does Black Sapphire shield us against negativity in others but also provides the courage to establish healthy boundaries.



LENGTH: 40cm + 10cm extension
PENDANT: 1.5cm diameter
WEIGHT: 4.8gr