Radiating a subtle luminosity, the Esther Necklace features a heavenly pendant of ethical 925 Sterling Silver set upon a fine curb chain. Reminiscent of ancient bas-relief sculptures, this dainty necklace is embossed with a star and moon motif representing divine guidance.

Adorned with celestial blue topaz and blue sapphire gemstones, it inspires intuition, connecting us with our inner selves.

Illuminate your path with the Esther Necklace.

Meaning & Gemstone Properties

Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone associated with wisdom, knowledge and insight. Considered sacred across many cultures, its celestial blue hues mirror the night sky. Forever associated with loyalty and commitment, sapphires are traditionally used as an expression of love and devotion.

Blue Topaz is believed to ease communication, encouraging heartfelt expression. Its serene and soothing energy is thought to boost confidence and establish boundaries rooted in love. Blue Topaz has traditionally been associated with friendship and the Ancient Romans believed it could facilitate reconciliation.

The moon embodies feminine energy, nurturing intuition and emotion. Symbolic of life's cyclical nature, it waxes and wanes signifying change and transformation. A light in the darkness, it offers guidance, wisdom and hope.

Throughout the ages, the star symbol has shone as a powerful symbol of guidance, enlightenment, and protection across cultures. It represents the guiding light of divine inspiration, the illumination of spiritual wisdom, and the protective power of the divine.