Simplistic in nature this crossbody is for those that like to have the majority of their possessions in one section of their bag.  Designed to provide a simpler option than the Orbit for attaching to the Everything Backpack.

The layout contains only a slip pocket, zip pocket and phone pocket

What makes the Pocket Cross Body Bag Special is the fitting that allows it to quickly attach and detach from the front of the Everything Backpack.

It allows the bags to provides the ultimate in flexibility and organisation perfect for work and travel, allowing you to detach the Pocket Crossbody quickly when you want to carry just the essentials.

As a nappy bag is where it really comes into its own, it allows Mum and baby's possessions have a clear division, and Mum can remove her Pocket Crossbody at any time quickly to duck off at a moments notice, ensuring she has all her essentials.  That way when Mum gets a text invite to duck out for a cheeky wine that perfectly times with a 3 hour sleep window, she's ready to go... as soon as she changes out of her robe...

Super flexible, it can also clip to the Dash Crossbody to make the ultimate work or quick trip combo. 


- Detachable cross body strap (your choice of 2.5cm thin or 4cm thick)

- Included  wrist strap converting Orbit to a chic clutch for a night with no need to swap bags

- Magnetic flap and secure zip closure