A unisex ruby necklace with organic allure, the Valor Necklace features an 18k gold vermeil coin pendant, suspended from an intricately braided wheat chain.

Infused with ruby's fiery essence, the sword of courage ignites passionate hearts, inspiring a life of boldness

Length - 45cm + 9cm
Pendant - 20mm x 18mm
Finish - Polished

Meaning & Gemstone Properties

The sword motif is imbued with multifaceted symbolism, representing power and authority, the cutting edge of truth, and the ability to vanquish foes. It is an evocative emblem of strength, justice, and honor.


Product Care

To maintain the lustre of your 18K gold vermeil jewellery, rinse in cold water and gently pat dry with a soft 100% lint-free cotton or microfibre cloth. Avoid drying with tissue or paper towels as this will scratch the gold.

Remove gemstone jewellery before engaging in activities that may cause damage and avoid wearing with clothes that have loose threads or abrasive textures, to prevent snagging. Gemstone jewellery can be gently scrubbed with a soft-bristled or baby-sized toothbrush coated in warm, soapy water to dislodge any dirt.