Our beloved Etti Necklace, in cross-brushed 18k Gold Vermeil, rests its polished back gently on your heart centre. The gorgeous heart-shaped pendant is set with a triad of petite Rubies which are said to invoke passion and be symbolic of a love that never fades.

Meaning & Gemstone Properties

Majestic Ruby has long been coveted for its vibrant red colour, rareness, and durability. The ancients linked rubies with blood and fire due to its vivid colour and considered it ‘the king of stones’. Rubies are associated with love, passion, and desire, and make a romantic gift.

The heart has been universally treasured as a symbol of love and connection for millennia. Recognizing that love has many dimensions, the Ancient Greeks classified four different types: Eros, representing fiery passion; Philia, for deep friendship; Storge, a love for family; and Agape, the selfless, spiritual devotion that transcends all boundaries.

Throughout the ages, the star symbol has shone as a powerful symbol of guidance, enlightenment, and protection across cultures. It represents the guiding light of divine inspiration, the illumination of spiritual wisdom, and the protective power of the divine.