Did you know that the first wall clock as we know it today was created in the 18th century and only had one hand? Many hours have passed and wall clocks have changed, but they have always been present in our homes. In the 90s we all had octagonal watches. Do you remember what yours looked like? Yes… we are nostalgic, passionate about retro and different things!

Thanks to its size of 30 centimeters ; and its blue and cream color will fill any corner with peace and tranquility... your kitchen, living room or office. Put it wherever you want!

In addition, thanks to its silent movement you can enjoy a quiet environment without having to listen to the ticking of its needles.

It is made of ABS and has a glass cover that protects it from dust and dirt.

Its size is 30 cm in diameter and 5 cm wide.

Requires one AA battery not included.

Not ticking.